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About Us

What we do

CVLT is fully remote 2d game art studio, containing of artists with wide range of experience. We specialize in 2d art, asset art, background, illustrations, visual development and art direction for 2d games. As artists, we love quality and we also deliver game-ready 2d assets.

Who we are

Sewer Hrehorowicz - CEO & art director
I have over 10 years of professional experience, from which last 8 years I dedicated only to games industry. During this time, I did multiple tasks: art direction, concept art, illustration, asset art, logo design, UI / UX, environments, characters, 3d modeling, sculpting, creating trailers, front-end development, C# scripting in Unity - you name it :). From 2020 I'm running game art studio, and I managed to build great team of highly skilled artists. 

Karol Jaźwiński - 2d artist & illustrator
Professional illustrator, concept artist and graphic designer with 10 years of experience. He has skills and experience in creating concept art, illustrations, posters, digital paintings (also imitating oil paintings or other digitally) and different types of graphics and designs. Mostly works in Adobe Photoshop, but also knows Illustrator, Blender, After effects and Premiere. Creative, ambitious and greatly determined, always delivers best possible results. 

Sławomir Wolicki - 2d artist & illustrator
He has been working as a freelancer since 2011. He created illustrations, concept art, animation, comics for board games like Aliens versus Predator, Wolfenstein Chronicle X, Vanguard of Var, Call of the Void and others. He also participated in successful Kikcstarter campaigns. He was providing graphic material and searching for ideas that would encourage fans to invest.

Antoni Kuźniarz - 2d artist & illustrator
Ilustrator and concept artist with experience in fiction and dark art. Striving to tell stories through visual arts. He finds inspirations in fantasy and popculture but also values anatomy and a traditional point of view in art. He was awarded for a short comic at international festival of comics and games in Łódź.


Adobe Photoshop | Substance Painter | Blender | Zbrush | Unity 3d | Digital Painting | Concept Art | Asset Art | Creature Design | Textures | Low poly | Props | C# | Javascript | HTML | CSS | Git

Company credentials

CVLT Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością
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