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  • Unseen Silence SA (
    Ignacy Kurkowski (CEO & Co-Founder)

    Sewer is excellent and proactive artist. We have worked for some some time together, and I must say that he always delivers top quality and I could always rely on him. Also, besides creating incredible artworks, he has knowledge about many other aspects of game development - game design, ui design, visual development. It was really beneficial for project we're working on, as you usually need a team to achieve what we did

  • Rogue Sword: Strategy & Adventure Games, LLC (
    Alex Beltramo

    Before working with Sewer, we went through many different artists, yet could not find someone we were completely happy with.
    That was many years ago, and since then Sewer and his team have been our only artists. His art is fantastic, and he is passionate and hard working.
    I highly recommend him.

  • Radek Bazak
    Head Of Marketing at Gamedust

    Artistic branch is always very wild and untamed, if not chaotic. So working on design and any form of art is always a challenge when different perspective brainstorm and collide.
    But Sewer is an exception to this rule. When being incredibly talented and skilled, he is also extremely easy to communicate and work with. For past 4 years of our on and off collaboration on various projects - there has not been a single case of misunderstanding, and even if our visions sometimes differs - shared goals had been always achieved.
    I cannot recommend him enough.